LED Panel Backlighting Project Overview

LED Panel Project Installation in Pictures | Backlighting Stone Kitchen Countertops

A visual guide to planning and installing an LED Panel system to backlight stone counter-tops, back splashes, waterfalls, and stone return.

LED Panel Back Lighting Project Overview

For this project, we designed the custom LED Panel back lighting system for a Fort Lauderdale kitchen, where the counter tops, back splashes, waterfall edges, and stone apron had to be evenly illuminated.

Here are the specs for this project:

  • Illuminated Surfaces: Counter-Tops, Back-Splashes, Stone Returns, Waterfall Edges. 
  • Material: Natural Quartz
  • LED Panel Type: White, Frameless, 24VDC, 3/8" LED Panels
  • Color Temperature: 4500K Natural White
  • Job Timeline: 3 Weeks from LED Panel Production to Completed Stone Installation. 
  • Configuration: Dimmable using 24VDC Magnetic LED Drivers 
  • Approximate LED Panel System Cost: $12,500

Note: Some installations require an exact physical or digital template. Given the measurements and/or templates, your dedicated Custom LED Panel Project Manager will design the custom back lighting system to your specs.

Double Check Your Measurements 

This type of installation can be challenging because of the amount planning involved to get it right. For a successful installation, we must first obtain precise measurements of the stone being installed and the cabinets supporting the stone.

Measuring the left side of our installation along with schematics.

Ensure you have plenty of tools to get exact measurements.

Support Your LED Panel with a Substrate Platform

Most custom counter-top LED panel projects require a substrate platform to support the LED panels and stone. For simple counter-top installations, a layer of 3/4" plywood is sufficient; however, with this project featuring a 2" mitered return on the stone and waterfall edge, a special wooden platform had to be designed to accommodate the LED panel system.

Here, you can see we've double reinforced the top panel.

Your project manager will help you design and implement the correct wooden platform.

Lay Out and Test Custom LED Panels

Once the appropriate substrate structure is built to accommodate your LED panels and stone, you then need to test fit the LED panels for size. Your dedicated Custom LED Panel Project Manager will designate all LED panels for you on a "map," allowing you to easily lay out LED panels in their correct location.

We're laying out panels along with starting to map out the wiring.

Once the LED Panels have been laid out, the next step is to pass the wire to the appropriate drivers:

Power Supply: Wiring, Drivers, and Power Management

Your dedicated Project Manager will pre-plan drivers and prepare a wiring diagram tailored to your LED Panel project needs. All drivers come pre-configured to accept connectors from the LED panel power feeds.

Here, each surface is carefully mapped out for wiring.

When passing power-feeds from the LED Panels to the drivers follow these important steps:

  • DO NOT force, yank, or aggressively handle the power feeds - broken wires are the #1 cause of premature LED panel system failure.
  • Use strain-relief - do not allow wires to fray on sharp edges, rough cut surfaces, or go around corners. Use electric tape or dedicated wire strain-relief products to keep wires from breaking.
  • Follow your dedicated wiring diagram - all LED panel projects are meticulously planned, LED drivers (power supplies) have max wattage ratings, so system design is important. If you overload an LED driver, it will fail prematurely.
  • Test before installing stone - always test LED Panel system before installing stone. If required, we can provide a simple plug-and-play adapter that allows you to test (1) LED panel at a time.

Install Your Stone

Install stone with care to not damage installed LED panels! Do not "pivot" stone on corners, or crush LED Panels with stone edges. We strongly discourage use of adhesives to bond stone to LED panels. Adhesives may result in visual anomalies with your even back lighting in the future. This entire project was done using NO ADHESIVES to bond the stone to the LED Panels. We partner with your stone fabricator, and give them the information they need to design a system that requires no to minimal adhesives.

The final results are stunning.

Once you've installed your stone, you're just left with cleanup, but you can start enjoying your gorgeous new stone countertops and great panel lighting. This type of LED lighting is designed to add a modern flourish to any kitchen area.

Are you ready to start your LED panel project?

GlowbackLEDstore.com offers industry leading LED project planning and support! All of our LED panel projects get a dedicated project manager. Start your project by calling or emailing us at the contact below.

1-800-679-4902  |  Sales@bluegateinc.com

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